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Richard Knott - Short (Solid Thumb Music)

Good time excursions through Stefan Grossman/Happy Traum territory courtesy of Manchester-based guitarist Richard Knott, the emphasis being on the guitar playing rather than Richard's slightly pedestrian vocal. A love for Brazilian music evident on the Asrud Gilberto influenced The Shortest Day .

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Matthew Robb - Spirit in the Form (Wabi Sabi Music)

Shades of Townes Van Zandt present in both Robb's vocal delivery and in his physical appearance, probably too much of a coincidence it has to be said. Despite well-written songs, convincing performances and an air of doom in places, there really is only one Townes.

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James Edwyn and the Borrowed Band - High Fences (Dead Records Collective)

Second album release by Glasgow-based James Edwyn and the Borrowed Band, mixes Country-inflected and mildly rocking songs, with one or two tender acoustic moments, Pushing Statues and Never in a While amongst them. Shades of Ryan Adams in places with a pinch of that old borrowed Americana.

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Bronwynne Brent

The Atkinson, Southport Wednesday 7 March 2018 Following a blast of winter the week before that caused me to miss her in Saltaire, I was eager to get out and about to catch Bronwynne Brent in Southport. A few years back, The Atkinson was converted from a building with two performance spaces into a...

3hattrio - Lord of the Desert (Okehdokee Records)

3hattrio are a band physically and musically rooted in the American desert southwest and their sacred homeland near Utah's Zion National Park. This is the sound of the Americana of the distant hills and bleached animal skulls of Georgia O'Keefe paintings. Desert music as grounded in a place as the...

Luke Jackson - Solo Duo Trio (First Take Records)

It used to be that the 'Live' album along with the 'Best Of', 'Covers' and 'B Side' releases were routine, cheap fillers to capitalise on commercial success. These days, for the jobbing musician who gets the bulk of their income from regular touring, selling CDs at gigs can also be a financially...

Ruth Notman

Carrington Folk Club, Nottingham Wednesday 21 February 2018 The Gladstone Hotel on Loscoe Street in the Carrington district of Nottingham, was built in 1882 and was once presided over by a landlord called George Fryer, an amateur heavyweight boxing champion back in the day. He was also occasionally...

Commander Cody - Flying Dreams and Rock n Roll Again (Retroworld)

It's difficult to think of the early Seventies Country Rock scene without at least one mention of the man known as Commander Cody (George Frayne), whose Lost Planet Airmen provided the perfect vehicle - in this case a truck or open top Cadillac or even an assortment of airplanes for that matter,...

Shankara Andy Bole - Rainbow Crow (Left Leg Records)

Compulsive scanners of album covers and details, those of us who spend hours hunched over boxes of records and Cds enter a zen like state. Fingers flicking eyes alert for gems. Everyone has their own talismans or touch stones they look for Beacons if you like shining through the unknown. It might...

Screaming Orphans - Taproom (Self Released)

Right from the off, TAPROOM is an album that demands attention. Ireland's Hour of Need (Gallant Heroes) has it all – arresting choir harmonies that put the Medieval Babes to shame, stirring Uilleann Pipes, tight production of the band's instruments and a brawny political message. And the energy and...