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Jarema - Everyone At Home DVD (Self Release)

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In a time when CDs are becoming as archaic as 78rpm records, with all sorts of digital methods of communicating music to the people, in effect replacing the high street record shop, the music DVD is still a good way of getting your music across. Shot in moody black and white in some old disused building in South East London, each of the songs on EVERYBODY AT HOME are performed live with just the sound team for an audience in the manner of a live gig. Andre Jarema alternates between guitar and piano with Alex Gettingby on guitar, Owen Martin on drums and Chrisiano Tortoioli on bass on eleven original songs. The only glimpse of colour on the DVD comes with several interview snippets, where the songwriter describes his journey from southern Belgium to Peckham, meeting up producer Matthew Adams and some insightful thoughts about his songs and music. Most of the songs previously appeared on Jarema's debut album THERE WAS A NIGHT BEFORE THERE WAS A DAY (2009) including Cross-Eyed, The Upper Hand on the Fire and Your Mum. Whilst the Clash-inspired Half a Prisoner addresses the songwriter's distrust of the Bobby on the street, with some clever word play claiming that they need a 'bigger rest', I Wanted to be Alone more or less describes the inherent theme of loneliness and alienation running through the set. On-screen lyrics are provided in the form of subtitles just in case some of Jarema's unpolished vocals don't cut through, which they pretty much always do. A strange but credible comparison vocally would be to that of Nico's contribution to early Velvet Underground records.  

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky