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Rosie Doonan and Ben Murray

The Salutation, Doncaster
Monday 18 July 2005

I went along to The Salutation tonight to see Rosie Doonan and Ben Murray's gig. This one closes the first year of Bob's club and it was a pretty good one to go out on. The duo played at the Sprotbrough club in February and so good were they, that they got a return booking within the same season. I think this is good going. 

I gushed uncontrollably last time I saw them play live and so I'll save myself the embarrassment here, needless to say they were just as good tonight. They played most of the stuff from their MILL LANE CD, Need You Around, Seal Maiden, Gypsy Davy and the sublime Innishcarra, as well as a few other well chosen covers such as their own unique re-working of Spencer The Rover. The encore was for me the highlight of the evening, a wonderful reading of Joni's classic Woodstock. You might think that song is worn out and dated, but it breathed fresh life at tonight's gig.

Bob opened the night with a few of his songs and Jon Chapman did the support slot, giving the best solo performance I have seen him do, with a couple of brand new songs, which I want to hear again soon, and one from his first album. A good night, which has put me in the mood for next week's Cambridge Festival. Can't wait.

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky