Kathryn Tickell and the Side

I remember the first time ever hearing about Kathryn was when i saw her being recommended to me by a good friend of mine. Back then, she was only 16 years old, and at the time I remember thinking: what in the world is that instrument that she’s holding? It wasn’t until she started playing that unusual looking instrument, in which I was impressed. She played a short snippet and that was enough to arouse the crowd and leave an everlasting impression. An impression so impressive, that i remember i still remember years later. Even though, she wasn’t the headliner, that was enough to leave an everlasting impression in me. For that, I have to commend her on that day, as she looked like a shy kid who was performing for the first time. That might be the truth, but it sure didn’t look like it because of how confident she was. From that day onward, I’ve been impressed by how well she is able to play the pipes, as well as composition and arrangement.

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