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Jez Lowe

The Salutation, Doncaster
Monday 13 December 2005

Jez Lowe is a consistently good performer and never disappoints, never gives a poor show and never appears without a striped t shirt. Or is that hooped? These fashion terms bewilder me. Tonight's gig at The Sal proved to be another success and we are beginning to see something of a following at the club. If only we could get people off their backsides to come and see the young up and coming performers as well as the older, more established singers and musicians, we'd be in our element, as they say.

Jez ran through his back catalogue with ease and precision, bringing his unique brand of North Eastern wit and charm to South Yorkshire with songs like Old Bones, Greek Lightning, Vikings, Another Man's Wife, London Danny (there's a growing trend emerging for wife stealing have you noticed? are you trying to tell us something here Jez?) and the beautiful Tenterhooks.

Bob and I did a few songs as support and another chap showed up with a hurdy gurdy. If you've never come across a hurdy gurdy before, it looks like an overweight cockroach with a handle (for turning) stuck up its arse and a keyboard running along its side and sounds like an alley cat having it's fur pulled out hair by hair. Bagpipes are the equivalent to the sound of a celestial harp by comparison. The female companion to this guy told me that they actually play in a hurdy gurdy duo. One can only count ones blessings that she either forgot the damn thing or that pest control had been around.

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky