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Jess Gardham

The Salutation, Doncaster
Monday 31 October 2005

Jess Gardham was the guest at The Sal tonight. A fine singer songwriter with a beautiful voice to match. It's hard to avoid making comparisons with Tracy Chapman, and the fact that she sang Talkin 'Bout A Revolution made it even harder. She's certainly the only singer I've heard - other than Chapman - who can get away with singing runrunrunrunrunrunrun without sounding ridiculous. As it was my first night as a member of the organisational team at the club, it was well within my remit to sit and have a right good natter with the guest before the gig, which is exactly what I did and believe me she was absolutely lovely. I asked her if she did anything else other than solo work - expecting something like 'yeah, I work with an R&B band' or something along those lines - but she said, 'yeah, I'm a dental nurse by day', which I have to say made me giggle. Judging by her performance, I'm sure her days of fiddling in folk's mouths are numbered!

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky