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The Young'uns - Another Man's Ground (Hereteu Records)

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The thoroughly engaging Teesside trio's latest album release finds the three singers David Eagle, Sean Cooney and Michael Hughes in fine voice throughout. The dozen selections cover a lot of ground, with Billy Bragg's anthemic Between the Wars, the traditional The Brisk Lad, from where the album gets its title, together with a couple of Graeme Miles songs, The Drift of the Land and Waiting for the Ferry, songs very much from The Young'uns own neck of the woods. Over the last few years, Sean Cooney has come of age as a fine songwriter, delivering some of the most poignant and heartrending songs, in this case the beautiful The Streets of Lahore and Private Hughes, both moving examples of a fine craftsman at work, each quite possibly giving the album its heart. In other places, it's those distinctive dovetailed harmonies that make the songs leap from the disc, Tom Paine's Bones, You Won't Find Me on Benefits Street as well as a fine interpretation of Ewan Maccoll's School Days Over. Once again towards the end, Sean Cooney demonstrates his command over storytelling with Brewster and Wagner, a touching story of humanity amidst raging conflict, in this case WWI, featuring a guest appearance by Bob Fox who efffectively plays God. Well, who else could pull that off? 

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky

Airplay: The Streets of Lahore (Show 379/07.06.15)
Release Date: 27.04.15
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