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The Way Down Wanderers - The Way Down Wanderers (Self Release)

The initial play-through of The Way Down Wanderers' new album release brought to mind what you might expect to hear if Jake Bugg were ever to join forces with Mumford and Sons. There's a sort of joyous free spirit feel to the dozen original songs on this the band's self-titled debut album; songs that can lift your spirits if you want them lifting. I can only imagine that the band are hot property as a live outfit; young, charismatic and with enough street cred to leave their contemporaries in the shade, but there again, I haven't seen them yet. Chicago-based, the Wanderers have not been at it long, with just two years and a couple of EPs under their belt, but there's every possibility that Austin Thompson, Collin Krause, John Williams, John Merikoski and Travis Kowalsky may become festival favourites in 2017. This album will almost certainly not hinder their potential rising star.

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky