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Tuulikki Bartosik - Storied Sounds (RootBeat Records)

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This delightfully evocative instrumental album has been described as s love letter to the Estonian landscapes of Tuulikki Bartosik's childhood, yet the tunes included here could also easily fit into the role of accompanying a Thomas Hardy film adaptation. There's little doubting Bartosik's credentials as a highly imaginative and expressive accordion player, yet in the case of STORIED SOUNDS, it's the inventiveness of the musical arrangements, together with the use of atmospheric field recordings that brings these thirteen pieces of music alive; a meeting of music and nature so beautifully captured and encapsulated in just under an hour. These compositions were actually imagined and written over a long period of time yet they seem to effortlessly dovetail together as a whole as if they were written, arranged and recorded in the same week. Joining Tuulikki Bartosik on this particular venture are Timo Alakotila on piano, Villu Talsi on mandolin and Dylan Fowler on guitar, all of whom contribute something extra special to these recordings.

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky