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Tom Kitching - Interloper (Fellside)

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Known for his impressive work with Gren Bartley and more recently as one third of Pilgrims' Way, Tom Kitching releases this intriguing instrumental album, the first under his own name. No stranger to the studio, having appeared on a dozen albums already, the fiddle player investigates the English tradition with ten fine arrangements of Morris tunes, jigs, hornpipes and mazurkas, assisted by three empathetic musicians, Marit Fält on Låtmandola, Freya Rae on flute and clarinet and Jim Molyneux on percussion. Often venturing into medieval territory, the sort of music you might associate with the peasant musicians in a Pieter Bruegel painting, the tunes re-imagine the past but at the same time breathe new life in the here and now. There's a determination to Tom's playing, which is bold but not brash, forceful but not heavy-handed and driving but never going too far over the speed limit. INTERLOPER is certainly an instrumental fiddle album with a difference.  

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky

Airplay: La Rotta (Show 364/22.02.15)
Release Date: 01.03.15
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