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Tom Brosseau - Perfect Abandon (Tin Angel Records)

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Recorded with just the one microphone, the songs on PERFECT ABANDON sound as fresh and live as possible, though without the presence of an audience. Just two afternoons on stage at the Cube Theatre in Bristol, with John Parish at the helm, the ten songs sound as though they were recorded a good four thousand miles further west. The North Dakota-born now LA-based singer/songwriter is chiefly a storyteller and nowhere is his storytelling more poignant than on the opening monologue, where Brosseau tells of being abandoned by his mother in a department store as a child. Although Hard Luck Boy is the only spoken song on the album, the other songs keep our attention due to the standard of the stories, rather than the overall sound of the musical arrangements. Whilst the instrumental The Empire Building is slightly throwaway, more an interlude than anything else, the tune does lead into Goodbye Empire Builder, and we're right there back into the stories again. Interestingly, the title Perfect Abandon refers to the casual way of wearing a hat on the back of your head, as indicated on the cover mannequin.    

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky

Airplay: Hard Luck Boy (Show 366/08.03.15)
Release Date: 02.03.15
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