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Steve Tilston - Truth To Tell (Hubris Records)

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Now that the dust has pretty much settled upon the entirely unexpected recent turn of events concerning the discovery of a letter from John Lennon to the possibly more bizarre turn on the red carpet with Hollywood legend Al Pacino, Steve Tilston returns to what he's actually noted for; his song writing, his guitar playing and his singing and probably in that order. Steve's latest album contains just over a dozen well-crafted songs that traverse the roads and rivers of his own past, each viewed from his own unsentimental perspective and his personal kinship with history. On the opener, Grass Days, Steve ponders for a moment on his youth, those hazy days that provided the cornerstone of a long career, recalling with fondness the help and influence of such characters as Wizz Jones, Ralph McTell and Jackson C Frank. Bert Jansch did something similar with Daybreak in the mid-1970s and here almost forty years on, those halcyon days are recalled once again. With a dozen originals and the one traditional song, Died For Love, Steve Tilston shows no sign of faulting on delivering class music that is at once timeless, intelligent and built to last. We should be happy to have him around.

Airplay: Grass Days (Show 384/12.07.15)
Release Date: 20.07.15
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