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Steve Pledger - Striking Matches in the Wind (Self Release)

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Steve Pledger's second album and follow up to 2012's 14 GOOD INTENTIONS, sees the Cambridge-born singer/songwriter delivering a dozen conscientious songs all of which appear to avoid the usual trappings of the genre. They're not about self-obsessed soul-searching melancholia, but rather they address some of the issues that affect us all in our daily lives. We don't seem to think about those of us who are alone quite as much as we probably should do and songs like People Who Care and A Heart Filled With Nothing To Do, remind us of the importance of friendship. Descriptions of driving along a North Devon coast road Love Condescension or the end of a relationship There We Are, an a cappella song featuring a duet with Ange Hardy, carry a certain tenderness, whilst This Land is Pound Land perfectly describes, in a sort of Pete Morton fashion, our mutual disdain for the dumbed-down high street retail sensibilites that dominates modern life, settling for any old tosh as long as it's cheap. Thoughtful, provocative and insightful, Steve Pledger's songs stay with you long after you've moved on to other things.        

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky

Airplay: This Land is Pound Land (Show 369/29.03.15)
Release Date: 02.04.15
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