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Sharon Lazibyrd - Half Shame and Half Glory (Self Release)

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Somerset singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sharon Lazibyrd cites both Julian Cope and PJ Harvey as influences, yet neither are really evident in her music and songs, which lean more towards her own idiosyncratic songwriting and folk storytelling, in fact, More For Less comes more or less from the Leon Rosselson tradition of songwriting. There's an almost whimsical and lilting quality to some of her songs such as insanely cheerful Don't Worry and the album opener Mr Smilie, a sad story delivered in a jaunty ukulele-strummed style. Opium of the Masses on the other hand, tackles all our hopes and fears in these dodgy times, delivered in a style reminiscent of Australian singer Cath Mundy. A thoughtful songwriter with a familial voice you soon warm to.

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky