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Roadhouse - Dark Angel (Cross Border Records)

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DARK ANGEL is the eleventh album release by Roadhouse, one of the UK's long established blues and rock outfits, whose collaborative endeavours between experienced male musicians and considerably younger female vocalists seems to have an unexpected dynamic. Led once again by Gary Boner, the singer/guitarist who wrote or co-wrote all of the songs on the album with the exception of T Bone Walker's blues standard Stormy Monday, the band, which has a good twenty years behind them now together with over 2,000 live shows under their belt, continue to deliver the goods with seemingly unstoppable determination. The ten songs range from the gutsy rockers Too Tired to Pray and Telling Lies, the melodically expressive soft rock of Rainmaker and the soulfully anthemic Dark Angel, to the Bo Diddley-esque Swamp Girl. Joining Boner for this feast of bluesy rock is Bill Hobley on bass, Roger Hunt on drums, Danny Gwilym on guitar, whilst Mandie G, Samantha Richards, Suzie D, Rachel Clark and Kelly Marie Hobbs all provide the vocals. A good reflection of what the band do live but without the interesting visuals. 

Allan Wilkinson 
Northern Sky