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NE3 Folk - Show Us Your Reds (Self Release)

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The increasingly popular combination of fiddle, accordion and guitar has been pretty much accepted as the standard small combo arrangement these days, with the adventurous exploits of LAU and the similarly energetic live appearances of such bands as Moore Moss Rutter. This doesn't mean that any old three-piece line-up can deliver the goods; it takes time to develop the tightness necessary for musicians to step up to the mark in order to compete. NE3 Folk's Catherine Geldard, Victoria Laurenson and Chris Meredith have proved their credentials on the festival circuit over the last couple of years and have managed to capture some of that live quality on this the band's first full-length release. Highly inventive in places, SHOW US YOUR REDS (or should that be show us your legs, according to the cover snap?), comprises eight instrumental compositions, each demonstrating complexity of arrangement and dexterity of playing. Whilst Monstrosity is contemporary in feel, with some nice atmospheric embellishments, Dandy by contrast creates a lilting joyfulness that perfectly echoes the delightfulness of these three remarkable musicians.   

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky

Airplay: Dandy (Show 376/17.05.15)
Release Date: Available Now
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