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Molly Evans - Molly Evans EP (Self Release)

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This eponymous four-song EP comes from a young singer in envious fresh-faced youth, equipped with a voice that's possibly not quite fully developed but a voice that demonstrates great potential. Those looking for pitch-perfect vocal pyrotechnics may be slightly disappointed, yet those with a taste for earthy vocal honesty might be equally delighted. Lord Randall begins unaccompanied, then fills out with Jack Rutter's gentle guitar accompaniment, giving it an almost lilting freshness, whilst Pretty Polly is imbued with a slight sense of the melancholy. Standing out like a beacon is the final song, Ballad of the Raven King/Uskglass, with its dramatic hurdy-gurdy drone and empathetic guitar/fiddle accompaniment. Molly's debut recordings succeed in their intention, to showcase a new talent on the block and definitely one to watch.   

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky