Miranda Sykes And Rex Preston – Miranda Sykes and Rex Preston Hands Music

Miranda Sykes and Rex Preston is an iconic pop duo, where Miranda is most known for her excellent control of the bass as well as being an incredible vocalist. Rex is also another incredible player, as he is dubbed “best mandolin player in the UK”, which is no ordinary achievement. He moved to Bath back in 2008 to study for his music degree, and to pursue a career in the music industry. He was recruited into the Scoville Units band when banjo player Leon Hunt found him.
In their debut album, the duo opens with Old Man Time, a song written by Joe Rusby’s sister Kate. With Miranda’s delicate touch on the double bass, she and Rex managed ot bring a whole variety of new sounds to my ears through excellent control over the mandolin. I was quite susceptible as to how the double bass and mandolin would mix and how they would flow together, but surprisingly they flowed quite beautifully.
With powerful vocals, Miranda managed to rock this entire album, bringing a bunch of fresh sounds and vocals so ethereal that you’ll be glad you’re listening.

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