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Marina Florance - This That and the Other (Folkstock Records)

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If Marina Florance came late to music then I in turn came late to Marina Florance; this is how it seems to go. Well now that we've both caught up with one another, it's nice to report that what this London-born singer-songwriter does is quite refreshing, that is to arrive on the scene a little later than usual, yet equipped with a distinctive voice and aptitude for writing engaging songs. It actually begs the question where have we both been? I first heard the voice of Marina Florance on the Folkstock Records sampler album THE F SPOT FEMME FATALES and more recently on DOWNTOWN, another Folkstock sampler, which included her brooding rain-soaked Little Black Cloud, which in turn leaped out from the collection of songs. Once again that song appears here, along with other surprises such as A Better Song, which features a poetical spoken passage by its author Richard Pierce, the uplifting The Wedding Day Waltz, which is also reprised at the end of the album as an instrumental and then the beautifully soulful A Room of Your Own, which signposts us to yet another area on Marina's broad canvas. Marina is definitely worth checking out.

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky

Show Number: 407
Airplay Date: 23.12.15
Track Played: A Room of Your Own
Release Date: 01.01.16
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