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Luke Tuchscherer - You Get So Alone At Times That It Just Makes Sense (Little Red)

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I guess my only excuse for not reviewing this fabulous album sooner is that I was too busy playing it, over and over. The singer/drummer with The Wybirds does a Dave Grohl and steps from behind the drum kit, picks up a guitar and presents a dozen self-penned songs with impressive panache. The title of the album might be familiar to you, having been borrowed from a book of poetry by Charles Bukowski, but the songs will certainly be new. With the initial intention of making a record that would appeal to listeners the same way Ryan Adams' HEARTBREAKER did for Tuchscherer (pronounced Tuck-Shearer), the songs seem to have been cut from the same cloth. There's a bit of Gram Parsons here too, especially on When Day is Done, which could easily have been included on GREVOUS ANGEL or indeed GP. Two Ships Caroline Please is as good as it gets and falls somewhere between The Byrds and Tom Petty, with an instantly accessible radio friendly groove. This album should be heard and then celebrated.  

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky
Radio Play: Two Ships Caroline Please (Show 340/27.08.14)
Radio Play: When Day Is Done (Show 334/09.08.14)
Radio Play: Three Long Days (Show 346/13.10.14)
Release Date: 06.10.14
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