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Luke Jackson - Tall Tales and Rumours (First Take Records)

At just 22, singer-songwriter Luke Jackson has become a remarkable presence on the UK acoustic music scene, surpassing most of his contemporaries with his continued quality songwriting, whilst maintaining a very distinct sound all his own. There's a maturity in Luke's songwriting that places his songs pretty high up the bar. With TALL TALES AND RUMOURS, his fourth release to date, Luke reflects on his own personal situation, that of a travelling musician, which at one point sees the singer in a late night Kansas City hotel miles from his Canterbury home, experiencing homesickness in a moment of tender reflection. Luke's songs have an engaging narrative, such as Leather and Chrome, which sees a father's unaccomplished dreams being passed on to a son to fulfil. Luke's sensitive antennae continues to be alerted with such themes as Alzheimer's in the opening a cappella song The Man That Never Was, a raw study of the effects of the disease upon country singer Glen Campbell, as witnessed in the recent film I'll Be Me. Unafraid to traverse the various styles and genres that have influenced his music, Luke rounds off the album with a Muscle Shoals-like soul-filled performance of The Road, which could point the young performer in an entirely new direction for future projects. Joining Luke once again is his trusty rhythm section of empathetic musician/friends Andy Sharps and Connor Downs on bass and percussion respectively, whose spit and polish shines further light on an already impressive talent. 

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky