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Jill Hepburn - The Lantern Has Fallen (Self Release)

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Falkirk singer-songwriter Jill Hepburn follows her debut album SNOWFLAKE with a further eight self-penned songs, each of which are treated to a fine banjo accompaniment. Progressing from her regular appearances on Edinburgh's famed Out of the Bedroom songwriter’s nights, Jill is now enjoying the recognition she rightly deserves with highly original songs that border folk/nu folk territory. Opening with the song that was intended as album's original title, which was eventually changed to THE LANTERN HAS FALLEN, Footprints includes some authentic sounding gypsy violin courtesy of Kenny Brady, whilst the whimsical I'm Gonna Write Me A Country Song, demonstrates Jill's wry sense of humour 'Gonna write about nights on the porch, even though I live in a flat' for instance. With the one instrumental, The Ragged Garland, Jill's second offering contains a collection of songs that demonstrate a simplicity in style, whilst at the same time are imbued with a curious depth, the lyrics and melodies of which tend to stay with you long after the album has finished playing through. Co-produced by Jill and Martin Stephenson of the Daintees fame, who also plays guitar, the album includes further contributions from Kenny Brady on fiddle and mandolin, Alex Irvine on ukulele and Mark Lough on guitar, harmonium and backing vocals.

Allan Wilkinson
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