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Jenny Ritter - Raised By Wolves (Fiddle Head)

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It's been almost exactly two years since Jenny Ritter's debut release BRIGHT MAINLAND was reviewed in these pages and this follow-up has been eagerly anticipated. The nine songs included here appear to pick up where the last album left off, with each one treated to some fine accompaniment, with equally fine musicianship throughout. Being raised in a world of music and dance, her father being an opera singer and her mother a ballerina, all set against a rural Vancouver Island background, Jenny's own sense of creativity in both music and the visual arts, has grown whilst gaining a wealth of experience working in a couple of bands, forming her own choir and Scandinavian trad trio as well as contributing to various other projects along the way. With a natural flair for songwriting, Jenny's songs reflect her own upbringing, her sense of place in the world and her connection with nature. That connection is explored throughout the album, not least on Wolf Wife, from where the album's title derives, which appears to be informed by her own strength of character. Other notable songs include Museum Song, where a balance is drawn between our dreams, the wide open prairie and our natural history encased, and A History of Happiness, which seems to set out Jenny's raison d'être: 'I've got a history of happiness, and it's written on my face I guess'. RAISED BY WOLVES has every chance of altering the countenance likewise of anyone who cares to listen. 

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky

Airplay: Museum Song (Show 368/22.03.15)
Airplay: A History of Happiness (Show 371/12.04.15)
Release Date: 13.04.15
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