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James Findlay - Another Day Another Story (Fellside)

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With this follow up to Fellside's SPORT AND PLAY (2011), James Findlay continues to develop as an outstanding new voice on the British folk scene. The young Dorset-born singer, guitarist and fiddle player chooses to stick predominantly with songs from close to home, the counties of Dorset and Somerset in particular, with a selection of songs from the Roud folk song index, including well known songs such as The Cuckoo, Death and the Lady and The Brisk Young Widow. Equally at home with both guitar accompanied songs and unaccompanied songs such as the sprawling Scots ballad Long Lamkin, James maintains a careful eye for detail and presents each song in an uncluttered manner. Co-produced by Paul Adams, James once again demonstrates his credentials as a formidable guitar player and is joined by Alex Cumming on accordion with contributions courtesy of singers Beth Orrell and Linda Adams. 

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky