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Hungrytown - Further West (Listen Here Records)

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The title song on this, Hungrytown's third album release, gently eases us in at the beginning with a minor key lullaby in waltz time, whilst at the same time tipping a nod towards Leonard Cohen's second literary effort Beautiful Losers amongst its fine lyrics. It's refreshing to hear an album start in such a delicate manner rather than going straight for the foot-tappers; that comes along shortly afterwards with Rebecca Hall's revitalised Hard Way to Learn, originally appearing on an earlier solo recording of Rebecca's. Although this song skips along with lilting fiddle accompaniment courtesy of Vermont fiddler Lissa Schenckenburger, the subject matter is far from jolly. It's this contrasting theme that gives the album its appeal. Throughout FURTHER WEST, Rebecca Hall and Ken Anderson continue to traverse the long and windy roads of the folk scene with a dozen songs, mainly self-penned but with one or two surprises, an a cappella duet on Woody Guthrie's Pastures of Plenty for instance, paying homage to a folk hero, whose contrasting social commentaries set to traditional tunes are legend. The duo's long-time collaborator Suzanne Mueller, who has played cello on most of Hungrytown's recordings, contributes her own song Ramparts and Bridges here, echoing the same sort of melancholy as the title song.

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky

Show Number: 393  
Airplay Date: 16.09.15
Track Played: Further West
Release Date: 01.07.15
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