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Doug Eunson and Sarah Matthews - Song and Laughter (Coth Records)

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If all the incarnations of Cupola (Cupola, Cupola:Ward and DanceCupola) more than adequately showcase the musical chops of Doug Eunson and Sarah Matthews, then SONG AND LAUGHTER aims to get back to brass tacks, once again highlighting the duo's credentials as singers of folk songs and tellers of stories. The dozen songs and tunes here are collected from several sources, from John Tams' lilting Lily Gilders to The Dutch in the Medway, which once again shows that through his poems, Kipling continues to make exceedingly good songs. Then there's Leon Rosselson's homage to Aesop with the fable of The Ant and the Grasshopper, which continues to delight. There's an hour of engaging songs on this latest release by the Derbyshire-based duo, including one or two original compositions by Sarah Matthews, including the uplifting instrumental Songbirds in June and High Flyers, written as the sleeve notes indicate, in praise of Rolls Royce in Derby, whose 100 years of aero engineering excellence has indeed taken us high.

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky