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Dark Green Tree - Secret Lives (Haven Records)

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These days we tend to trust anything that Boo Hewerdine touches, whether it's in his song writing, his performance, his collaboration or in his production. On the debut release by the songwriting team of Ross Cockburn and Jay Brown, otherwise known as Dark Green Tree, Hewerdine sits at the controls whilst the homespun Americana unfolds before our ears. From the opening song Yearn for Love, which wouldn't be out of place on any early Neil Young album, Hewerdine, together with Mattie Foulds and Jon Kelly, pay keen attention to production and mixing, which upon listening through was well worth the effort. If the songs were already rich in texture when they were written and performed by Cockburn and Brown, then the addition of Cera Impala's understated vocal contribution puts a cherry right on top of the cake. John McCusker adds a little fiddle here and there, notably on the title cut. Amongst the finely-crafted originals are a couple of choice covers, an almost whispered take on Glen Hansard's Lay Me Down and Ryan Adams' thoroughly enchanting When the Stars go Blue

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky

Airplay: Yearn for Love (Show 378/31.05.15)
Release Date: 15.06.15
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