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Cupola - Roam (Cothrecords)

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The Derbyshire-based trio Cupola are pretty serious about their arrangements of traditional, contemporary and self-penned songs. Active on the folk scene for quite some time, each of the musicians Doug Eunson, Sarah Matthews and Oli Matthews, boldly tackle inventive arrangements on a diverse selection of songs, not only for fiddle, melodeon and voices, but also clarinet, sax (almost the entire family, soprano, alto and tenor) and hurdy gurdy. One of the outstanding songs from Sarah Matthews' solo album AS I WAS WALKING, The Ballad of John Bright, which is always good to hear, appears here with a full instrumental arrangement. Although I feel I should have reviewed this album a little earlier in the year when it was first sent to me, maybe in time for the May Day celebrations, where I can imagine rousing choruses during Following the Old Oss, I can console myself with the fact that this review arrives in plenty of time for the winter season, with a clever take on Jethro Tull's Another Christmas Song

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky

Show Number: 393
Airplay Date: 16.09.15
Track Played: Barrack Street
Release Date: May 15
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