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Cupola - Ivy (Coth Records)

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The Derbyshire-based trio Cupola bring together traditional folk and early English music influences to create their own refreshingly sprightly sound, mixing old with new on ten well-crafted songs and tunes. Their rich arrangements are both inventive and complex, yet easily accessible utilising everything from fiddles and melodeons to hurdy gurdys, clarinet and soprano sax. The expressive playing of Sarah Matthews, Doug Eunson and Oli Matthews, together with their perceptive vocal intuition, makes for a well-suited blend throughout on a variety of songs and tunes from Devon to Scandinavia, Derbyshire to North America and back again, with one or two songs closer to home such as a Derbyshire version of Spencer the Rover coupled with a Swedish polska Roros Pulse. Closing with the seasonal Wassail, the trio demonstrate their close knit three-part harmonies on an album that celebrates traditional music from around the world, but make the selections seem very much at home in Derbyshire.     

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky