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Colm Mac Con Iomaire - The Hare's Corner (Plateau)

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This inventive debut album by The Frame's fiddle player Colm Mac Con Iomaire provides a rich musical soundscape based upon several 'little ideas' that have been lying dormant in the former Kila fiddler's head for some time. Taking the opportunity between heavy touring schedules, the Dublin-born musician has finally recorded his own solo album THE HARE'S CORNER, the title of which derives from the part of a field left uncut by the farmer, a refuge for wildlife to play. With busy touring schedules with both The Frames and Glen Hansard's offshoot project The Swell Season, Mac Con Iomaire has at last found a corner of the field to play his own beautiful music. 

Playing most of the instruments himself, including harmonium, banjo, bouzouki, guitar and cello, whilst enlisting the help others with a select cast of musicians including Karl Odlum, Johnny Boyle, Paul Dooley, Bill Blackmore and Catherine Fitzgerald, Ma Con Iomaire Colm's eleven compositions take us on a dreamy musical journey, rather like the soundtrack to a good movie. The only voice on the record supplied by Alice Farrell 

Coming from an Irish speaking family, the multi-instrumentalist has presented the titles of each composition in both English and Gaelic, with sometimes enigmatic titles such as The Cuckoo of Glen Nephin and Thou Shalt Not Carry Timber. With a background of classical violin and being steeped in Irish traditional music, the eleven pieces owe more to ambient composition than to jigs and reels. The Court of New Town, being the longest composition on the record, still coming in at under five minutes, offers the same sort of emotional Celtic violin playing as exemplified through the music of Martin Hayes. Warm and atmospheric, THE HARE'S CORNER is one of those records to drift off to, quite possibly to your own corner of the field.

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky