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The Bombadils - Grassy Roads Wandering Feet (Self Release)

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The more I come across roots music that carries the tag 'chamber folk', the more I find it possessed of extraordinary musicianship. It seems that those musicians with a Classical or jazz background approach traditional music with stepped-up ingenuity. The Montreal-based quartet The Bombadils, made up of Sarah Frank on fiddle and banjo, Luke Fraser on guitar and mandolin, Alan Mackie on bass and Anh Phung on flutes and harmonica, each of whom also contribute vocals, are one such group of musicians who approach their roots with musical virtuosity at its core. Having each been trained at Montreal's McGill University, with a grounding in both Classical and jazz fields, the band have infused their shared love of traditional music with a mature outlook and deft proficiency. Look no further than Luke Fraser's opening instrumental Rocky Mountain Path for proof of the band's command over complex arrangement and musical dexterity. With this album, the title derived from a WB Yeats poem, The Bombadils' well-travelled five years thus far, are reflected in the artwork, which shows a light travel case complete with all the essentials; camera, shades, compact and the all important passport. A remarkably good album.

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky

Airplay: Milk (Show 379/07.06.15)
Release Date: 06.05.15
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