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Annie Keating - Make Believing (Self Release)

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MAKE BELIEVING, the sixth album release by Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Annie Keating features just under a dozen self-penned songs, each bathed in her own distinct approach to Americana; strong melodies, mature lyrics and vulnerable vocal delivery. From the optimistic fairground fun of Coney Island, echoed in the cover picture, the bluesy I Want to Believe and the almost whispered desperation of Still Broken, the songs weave through the emotions with relative ease. Co-produced with long- time collaborator Jason Mercer, the breezy acoustic sound is fresh and inviting, possibly due to the fact that much of the album was recorded live in just a couple of days, with the occasional strategically placed 'twang' just to remind us of Annie's Country sensibilities.

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky

Radio Play: Know How to Fall (Show 351/23.11.14)
Radio Play: Coney Island (Show 352/30.11.14)
Release Date: 12.01.15
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