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Ange Hardy - Esteesee (Self Release)

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The one thing that can't be denied is that over the cultivation of four albums in a relatively short space of time, Ange Hardy has become the owner of an instantly recognisable sound, a sound that usually takes time to grow and develop in order to take a meaningful place on the constantly changing folk music scene. Once ESTEESEE (think of the initials of the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge) begins, with The Foster-Mother's Tale, we are immediately in a certain place, the same place we were in upon hearing Ange's previous album and the one before that etc. For those who have managed to hear Ange perform live, you will probably agree that the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist makes damn good records to go with those performances. There's a lot of TLC evident in Ange's fervent pursuit of getting it right and with this album, Ange gets it right. Avoiding the term 'concept album', I have to concede that this is very much a themed album, with each of the 14 songs based on either Samuel Taylor Coleridge's work directly, or based on certain aspects of the poet's life, or even songs based on dinner conversations collected from the body of work surrounding the Poet's life. This is an album to get lost in; gentle, informed, literate, emotive, mature and above all, delivered with an almost tangible passion. Ange Hardy is one of our finest writers and performers and it's probably time to acknowledge it. ESTEESEE is another milestone in that growing and impressive musical output.

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky

Show Number: 394
Airplay Date: 23.09.15
Track Played: My Captain
Release Date: 24.09.15
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