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Alyth - Homelands (ANE Records)

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Familiar to many as the featured singer on tour with The Chieftains in 2008, Alyth McCormack is no stranger to some of the world's biggest stages, having toured not only with Ireland's most cherished traditional music group, but also with Moving Hearts as well as her own band. Born and raised on the Isle of Lewis, in the Hebrides, Alyth re-located to Dublin, a fish out of water for a while but who eventually settled in the Irish countryside, where the singer has now found time to reflect on her Scottish roots as well as explore the songs most associated with her new home, such as Carrickfergus and Raglan Road, two staples of the Irish traditional repertoire. The songs on this, Alyth's third solo album to date are divided equally into English and Gaelic. Joined by Brian Mcalpine on piano, accordion and guitar, Aidan O'Rourke and Ali Smith on fiddles, Karol Lynch on bouzouki, Joe Csibi on double bass and Noel Eccles on percussion, it's Alyth's voice that lies at the heart of HOMELANDS, both strong and delicate in equal measure with an inimitable warmth.   

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky

Show Number: 396 
Airplay Date: 07.10.15
Track Played: The American Set
Release Date: 17.08.15
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