3hattrio Lord Desert Okehdokee Records

Listening to 3hattrio Lord Desert Okehdokee Records, I immediately felt like i was in the middle on nowhere in the deserts. This group of musicians, not only managed to make me feel ethereal, but also made me feel like my body was somewhere far far away from where I am right now. As deserts are some of the most beautiful places on the earth, it’s also home to some of the most fascinating animals and wildlife. This collection of songs, not only captivated me, but made me want to open up and enjoy it to the max.
The main driver of this album had to be Hal Cannon who worked the banjo and guitar. He’s accompanied by bass player Greg Istock as well as the extremely talented violinist Eli Wrankle. The vocals are shared amongst Cannon and Istock. With their amazing team work skills, the music produced was out of this world, and reminded me of the sounds that would be present at a desert. Their inspiration was clearly influenced by the sounds of Native American music, as well as some country and folk elements.

The album is opened by ‘Dust Devil’ which really sets the tone for ther ecord and is an excellent start to the song. It reminds of me a desert “field hollder” in which it sets the mood and lets me know that something incredible is about to begin. Shortly after, the banjo and violin kicks in about halfway through adn thats when the highlight of the song really shined.

Whilst, most of the songs had a similar feel or pattern in the album, none of them sounded the exact same. Each song had a unique flavour to them, which is what really impressed me, as they only had a few pieces of isntrument to work with. It’s truly incredible when msuciians come up with unique sounds using only a few pieces of equipment as it really tells me that they’ve put a lot of though and effort into creating some unique. Some of my favourites in this album, had to be song ‘War’ with it’s clever implementation of Native American chants. Followed closely, had to be ‘Night Sky’, which impressed me because i felt like i was in teh skys. The violin and plain eerie sounds it made was simply beaituful.

Overall, this album seriously impressed me and would highly recommend it to anyone that wants to feel a bit of artistic magic created using the banjo and violin.

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