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Review Submissions

All submissions (Vinyl, CD and Digital) will be offered to Northern Sky contributors on a first come first served basis (Releases). Tracks may be selected for the Vaults podcast. Not all submissions will be reviewed. No streams please.

Live Submissions

If you would like to submit live reviews for inclusion in this section, please send the text and accompanying photos to

Sweet Gum Tree - Sustain the Illusion (The Orchard/Plastic Head)

With SUSTAIN THE ILLUSION, songwriter Arno Sojo, better known as Sweet Gum Tree, returns with another set of dreamy works of lyrical allure - his fifth release since 2010's THE VULNERABLE ALMIGHTY and his long-awaited follow up to 2014's superb THE SNAKES YOU CHARM AND THE WOLVES YOU TAME. Produced...

The Andrew Collins Trio - And It Was Good (Self Release)

Bluegrass has come a long way since the first Appalachian settlers began bashing, bowing and plucking whatever instruments they had to hand. Indeed, the music has enjoyed a long history of evolution, and whilst much of what Bill Monroe would recognise as bluegrass is still very much alive and well...