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Number 289

Loren Auerbach and Bert Jansch - After the Long Night (Christabel Records CRL 001)

Loren Auerbach recorded her debut LP in 1985, with future husband Bert Jansch by her side. I first heard the record during one of my initial delves into Mick Swinson's healthy record collection around the same time, a fellow Bert fan, whose generosity was crucial at the time, not only for loaning me much of Bert's recorded output, but also actually giving me several LPs to keep, many of which are prized items in the Northern Sky Vaults today, including Jack Orion and Rosemary Lane. I knew little of Loren Auerbach back then and not much more today, other than the fact that Loren married Bert in 1999 and died from cancer just a couple of months after Bert's death in October 2011, the couple being quite sadly ill together. When Bert played his final solo set at the Cambridge Folk Festival in 2004, Liam and I were there right in front of the stage, hugging the safety barrier and I recall Loren helping Bert set up, supporting him as she always did, and at one point as she knelt beside him, she looked out over the crowd, our eyes eventually meeting and giving us the same smile she wore on the cover of this album.