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Number 263

10cc - Deceptive Bends (Mercury 9102 502)

I was always a little unsure about 10cc, the 1970s Beatles-influenced rock pop band, possibly due to the fact that the band came from the same stable of such forgettable artists as The Bay City Rollers, The Piglets and Typically Tropical, headed by the man who recorded Everyone's Gone to the Moon. Despite Jonathan King's input, the band soon developed as a major force on the British music scene, from their early hits, such as Donna, an almost straight copy of Paul McCartney's Oh Darling from the Abbey Road period, Rubber Bullets, Art for Art's Sake and I'm Not In Love. The hits just kept coming throughout the 1970s, each entirely different from the last with no apparent formula to speak of. The band fragmented in 1976 with the departure of Kevin Godley and Lol Creme, leaving Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman as a duo, who would continue to use the name and release a series of albums, starting with DECEPTIVE BENDS. It wasn’t until John Peel played the entire Feel the Benefit Parts I, II and III, on his late night Top Gear show in 1977, that I began to listen more carefully.