Number 102 – Dave Peace Quartet – Good Morning Mr Blues

Dave Peace Quartet – Good Morning Mr Blues Album Cover

One of my favourites LP to listen whilst growing up, i’m super grateful that i still own my original copy which my father handed down to me. Having a look at Ebay, it’s quite obvious that this LP fetches quite a price. If i were to sell it, i’m positive it would be sold within days. This LP is notable because it features the young Dave Pegg on the bass who became quite successful in both Jethro Tull and Fairport Convention. In addition, he’s also been involved in various Midlands-based outfits such as The Crawdaddies, Dave and The Emeralds, The Exception and finally the most famous Ian Campbell Folk Group. Whilst the Dave Peace Quartet as a team didn’t achieve any real success, their 1969 LP still continues to be a sought after LP on many auction sites, as it provides a nostalgic glimpse at the Birmingham blues boom during the late 1960’s.

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