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Number 90

The Doors - Riders on the Storm (Elektra K12021- 1971)

Riders on the Storm is a significant single in that it was the last song recorded by the original four members of The Doors and also the last song to be released in Jim Morrison's lifetime. According to guitarist Robby Krieger, the song was inspired by the song Ghost Riders in the Sky: A Cowboy Legend but with a darker edge. In the wake of the 1969 Manson murders, Los Angeles was still pretty much living in fear although it has been suggested that 'the killer on the road' reference in the song in fact refers to the earlier spree murderer Billy Cook, who killed six people, including a young family, whilst hitchhiking to California in the 1950s. Despite the song's iconic status and instantly recognisable keyboard sound, the song was only ever performed live by the band twice, Morrison leaving us shortly afterwards.