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Number 88

Carole King - It's Too Late (AM AMS849 - 1971) 
In 1971, as the musical climate was rapidly changing, a time when the likes of Creedence Clearwater Revival, Grand Funk Railroad, Sly and the Family Stone and BB King were all likely to appear on the same bill, my own musical sensibilities somehow kept it all pretty much in context, largely due to a willingness to understand the rock press at the time as well as enjoy pop radio and whatever John Peel was dishing out every night on Radio One. Radio was actually an important medium back then as it is now. Carole King's TAPESTRY LP was one of the albums at the time that managed quite effortlessly to appeal to rock and pop audiences alike and the single It's Too Late became one of the most played records of the year. Both the album and the single became important additions to my record collection. The lyrics of which apparently allude to the end of a relationship King had just had with fellow singer-songwriter James Taylor.