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Number 84

Cat Stevens - Matthew And Son (Deram DM110 - 1966)

With a title based on the name of his own tailor, Henry Matthews, the single Matthew and Son was one of Cat Stevens' most recognisable hits of the 1960s. With a strong social comment running through it, based in no small part on the fact that his current girlfriend at the time was working long hours in a large firm, which was then considered almost like slave labour. The message in the song rang clear to a young working class audience, who helped the single race up the British charts in 1967, eventually reaching number 2. Although Cat Stevens went on to record a string of singer-songwriter based albums suitable for bedsit audiences up and down the country and further afield, it was this pop hit, a contemporary of the kind of songs the Kinks were known for, that set the young songwriter on the path to success.