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Number 7

Scott McKenzie - San Francisco (CBS 2816 - 1967)

In the so-called Summer of Love, I was ten years old and was consumed with the pop music of the era from The Beatles and The Rolling Stones to their American counterparts such as The Loving Spoonful and Jefferson Airplane. I recall sitting upon a hill in the Peak District with my fellow boy scouts on a camping trip, sitting before and listening to Akela sing San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair) with an acoustic guitar and with a daisy chain perched upon her long flowing hair. It had an instant appeal to a ten-year old cub scout and created a distraction that would last for the rest of the decade and well into the next. Around the same time I made my first visit to London and I distinctly remember hanging around Piccadilly Circus watching the hippies gather and began whistling, apparently one of the most irritating pursuits of my childhood, Scott McKenzie’s most famous song, actually written for him by the Mamas and Papas John Phillips, along with The Love Affair’s Rainbow Valley, I Was Kaiser Bill’s Batman and one of the greatest of all pop singles Waterloo Sunset.