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Number 38

Cream - Badge (Polydor 2058 285 - 1969)

In the early 1970s my singles record collection was growing steadily, made up entirely of records obtained from either Foxes Records in Doncaster Market Place, a second hand record stall close by on the same market place or otherwise records I may have had to beg, borrow or steal along the way. The common trend at school at the time was to collect ex-juke box records, especially Northern Soul singles, the ones with the centre of the record missing, otherwise it was just the current pop records of the day. I made things difficult for myself by trying to collect hard to get rock singles, a genre that was pretty much confined to the long player market at the time. However, a good few rock singles did become available and it was a thrill to add any record by Cream to the collection. Sunshine of Your Love was there, as was Strange Brew and I Feel Free, but a particular favourite of mine was the song that was co-written between Beatle George Harrison and Eric Clapton. The song, curiously entitled Badge, a title that came about due to a misreading on the lyric sheet by Eric Clapton (the word was actually Bridge), was included on Cream's final LP before the trio split up. The title was kept despite it having absolutely nothing to do with the song.