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Number 21

Joe Walsh - Life's Been Good (Asylum K13129 - 1978)

My first introduction to guitarist Joe Walsh was The James Gang's 1969 LP Yer' Album, which featured the rock classic Funk #49. Walsh stayed with the band for three studio albums and a live album, which was his swansong with that band before forming Barnstorm as well as producing a series of solo albums in the 1970s. This was followed by the surprise invitation in 1975 to join The Eagles, which catapulted the guitarist into the spotlight with the release of Hotel California. However, it was with the release of Walsh's 1978 LP But Seriously Folks, that my interest returned. The single from that album, the autobiographical Life's Been Good was played relentlessly on BBC Radio 1 by DJs who were reluctant at the time to let punk completely take over their playlists. The song also features an ARP Odyssey synthesizer riff, which complements Walsh’s guitar playing during the middle section.