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Number 119

Jo Jo Gunne - Run Run Run (Asylum AYM 501 - 1972)

Los Angeles-based rock band Jo Jo Gunne were formed in 1971 by ex-members of Randy California's band Spirit, Jay Ferguson and Mark Andes, the band being named after a Chuck Berry song from the late Fifties. Run Run Run was the band's most notable hit released in 1972, the opening track to the band’s self-titled debut LP of the same year. There was always some confusion at the time with Jo Jo Gunne, as the UK had their own band of the same name, a little known British R&B outfit formed in Middlesex in 1965. I was never quite sure whenever posters went up for the band, memorably at the Top Rank in Doncaster in 1972, which of the two bands the audience were to see. Perhaps I should've gone along myself to find out.