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Number 118

Atomic Rooster - Tomorrow Night (BC Records CB131 - 1970)

With the departure of drummer and fellow ex-Crazy World of Arthur Brown member Carl Palmer, who went on to have enormous success in Emerson Lake and Palmer, Vincent Crane reshuffled his Atomic Rooster band to include guitarist John Du Cann and new drummer Paul Hammond, just in time to record the band's second studio album Death Walks Behind You, the one with the memorable William Blake cover painting of Nebuchanezzer crawling along on hands and knees in a cave. Prog Rock was generally considered an album genre, though one or two singles did manage to surface, usually and maybe reluctantly to be performed on Top of the Pops, accompanied by bored teenages in hot pants, dancing away for the cameras, and looking as if they would rather be somewhere else. Tomorrow Night was one such single.