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Number 115

Redbone - Witch Queen of New Orleans (Epic SEPC1154 - 1971)

Written by the Native American brothers Lolly and Pat Vegas of the California-based band Redbone, the subject of the song is said to be the 19th-century practitioner of voodoo, Marie Laveau, or Marie La Voodoo Veau, according to the song's lyrics. The record was played often on the radio throughout the early 1970s, although not much was known about the band at the time and indeed still to this day. The band, whose name derives from a Cajun term for a mixed-race person, was inspired initially by Jimi Hendrix, who the band empathised with due to his own part-Cherokee background. The song, released in 1971, was released from the band’s third album Message from a Drum. The record could be described as a 'one hit wonder' although the band did score a couple of other hits in the US with Maggie in 1970 and Come and Get Your Love in 1973.