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Number 433 - 15.07.17

Theme Tune: Put It Where You Want It - The Crusaders (Groove Crusade)
The Egoist - Blair Dunlop (Gilded)
Summer Inside -  Hafdís Huld (Dare To Dream Small)
Strangest of Ways - Lucy Rose (Something's Changing)
Teardrop - Newton Faulkner (Hand Built By Robots)
Rain Song - Raghu Dixit (Jag Changa)
Walkin' Blues - The Butterfield Blues Band (East West)
Kora Borealis - Addictive TV (Orchestra of Samples)
Devonside - Richard Thompson (Acoustic Classics Vol II)
Blues Run the Game - Martin Simpson (Trials and Tribulations)
Riders on the Storm - The Doors (Single)
Stand by Me - Oasis (Be Here Now)
Framtidens Marsch - Vasen (Brewed)
Athena - Taarka (Fading Mystery)
I Got a Mind to Give Up Living - The Butterfield Blues Band (East West)
Wassoulou - Justin Adams (Ribbons)
Bored Lord - Avital Raz (The Fallen Angels Unravelling Descent)
East West - The Butterfield Blues Band (East West)