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Number 415 - 01.08.16

Theme Tune: Rocking In Rhythm - Richard Thompson (Strict Tempo)
Long Song - The Danberrys (Give and Receive)
The Cinder Track - The Changing Room (Picking Up the Pieces)
All the King's Horses - Olivia Chaney (The Longest River)
Taking Up Serpents Again - Curtis Eller (Taking Up Serpents Again)
November - Tuulikki Bartosik (Storied Sounds)
Right Time - Old Mighty Diamonds (Right Time)
Like New Year's Day - Sarah Watkins (Young in all the Wrong Ways)
Kingdom - Nancy Kerr (Instar)
Totes - The Lowest Pair (Fern Girl and Ice Man)
Cauld Wind Blast - RURA (Despite the Dark)
Brontosaurus - The Move (Single)
Thunderbuck Ram - Mott the Hoople (Mad Shadows)
When My Mind's Gone - Mott the Hoople (Mad Shadows)
The Riverbank - Paul Simon (Stranger to Stranger)
Crying in the Chapel - Alexis Taylor (Piano)
Rider on the Wheel - Nick Drake (Made to Love Magic)
Orano - Khmer Rouge Survivors (They Will Kill You, If You Cry)
Woody Knows Nothing - Alice Jones (Poor Strange Girl)
Kalaajo - Baaba Maal (The Traveller)
Simple and Sober - Mike and Ruthy Band (Bright As You Can)
Outro Tune: Rocking In Rhythm - Richard Thompson (Strict Tempo)